Gebremedhin expelled from Ethiopian church in Jerusalem

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The Woyanne-installed illegitimate patriarch in Ethiopia who is a TPLF member , Gnagster Gebremedhin ( who call himself some time Paulos), was chased out of an Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Jerusalem last week, according to Ethiopian Review .This idiot thug did also thinks  homosexuality is  “the pinnacle of immorality” when killing and starving innocent children is not. And when his tribal moral values are trashy.

The TPLF member  Gebremedhin, along with Aba Gerima and other members of his entourage, had traveled to Israel on a working visit after his agents in Jerusalem promised him that he will be received well. When the monks, priests and other members of the Ethiopian church in Jerusalem found out about his presence, they started shouting: “get out”. Shaken by the opposition,  Gebremedhin (aka Aba Diabilos) sneaked out as he sneaked in like a thief. The gun-toting  Gebremedhin was named “patriarch” in 1991 by the TPLF thugs  only because he is a loyal servant to murderous tribal thugs from Tigrai. He has no qualification and no moral standing to become a patriarch of the EOTC. After he was named patriarch by the Woyanne regime, he built a huge palace for himself and his girlfriends  in Addis Ababa while ancient Ethiopian churches fall apart due to neglect. Extremely rare church manuscripts have also started to be sold to tourists by other Woyanne cadres he brought with him. Such national treasurers as the cross that belonged to Abune Petros, who was gunned down by Fascist Italian forces for refusing to cooperate, were handed out to Qes Zebene and other friends of Aba Diabilos as gifts and wedding presents for being loyal agents.

Aba Diabilos travels with an army of bodyguards and his own gun  in armored vehicles. A short time after he took over the EOTC, one of his bodyguards shot dead an unarmed monk, Bahitawi FekadeSelassie, right in front of him. The Bahitawi was trying to deliver a complaint letter when he was gunned down in cold blood. After the 2005 elections, when students were trying to hide from death squads of the Federal Police and Agazi special forces, he ordered churches in Addis Ababa to close their gates  to shoot on those who enter the church to hide from the Agazin forces . The damage that has been inflicted on the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) by Thug Gebremedhin can only be compared to that of Ahmed Gragn hundreds of years ago.