Ethiopia: Junedin Sado in deep trouble

@ Ejole Mekelle other TPLFs under Oromo mask

Oh, please! Give us a break, will ya?

“…Before Weyanne took power Oromos lost everything. They lost their land, their religion, their culture, their language, and their human dignity.”!!!

Hahahahahahahahahaha! Ere Enante Sewoch have some Shame! Endeeeeeeeeee!

You Tsila folks have become funnier than stand up comedians these days. We don’t blame you because you have absolutely no clue about Ethiopia her tribes, history for you are the least integrated, mixed or adventurous tribes. Racists to mingle with other tribes, too cowardly to venture deep into other tribe’s territory and Ethiopia’s society to see how various tribes lived, coexisted amazingly before 1991. You don’t know who, what most tribes were/are, NOR venture out from Tigray explore other regions except Addis, Asmara mostly. You just trumpet here I doubt if any of you lived outside of Tigray province, Eritrea or Addis.

You know what? I have more Oromo cousins than there are Oromos in the entire Tigray region! Retard please! My parents their parents, hail from Eastern province. As you know, Amharas are the second largest tribes next to Oromos in that humongous Hararghe Province that you split like pie created all kinds of Muslim Oromo, Somali, Afar, Issa radicals now! Then you have Somali population in 3rd place, then 4th place Hararis, then 5th place you have Gurages, then you have the afar Issa and pretty much none existent Tigrays, very few. I have always wondered why? That is why your notion of how Ethiopia was like pre 1991 is so skewed up, erroneous, foul DOMMA to be precise!

BTW, everybody knows Oromos were so cool, peaceful with every tribe, ESPECIALLY Amharas whom they are mostly mixed with until you cancer cells came to Ethiopia created hatred based on artificial, plastic facts telling those mainly illiterate folks all kinds of phantom History. Shameless people. You know in Eastern Province of Ethiopia almost all tribes knew how to speak each other’s languages? Amharas Hararis, Somalis spoke Oromiffa. So, if the Oromos were oppressed not allowed to speak their languages then why are other tribes almost ALWAYS learned Oromiffa to communicate with Oromos, brick head? Let alone Oromos losing their language, culture Identity LAND :)):)) before 1991! Fairy tell much? Doma.

Are you kiddin’ me! You retards have no clue. Oromos were not these feeble, weak, pitiful people who were oppressed by Amhara like forever unable to defend themselves until you came rescued them (A*ame fairy tell). That is your TPLF version of who Oromos were! You distorted, twisted invented facts to pit every tribe against each other to prolong power created Ethiopia full of extremists who wants to go solo i.e. Somalis, Oromos, Afars even Amharas now want OUT. Siltes say they are Arab, Harari now claim to be Turkish, Wolloyes say they are Yemeni!! You created Armageddon!

Excluding Oromos from the national language (Amharic), creating a Latin based education for Oromos and making future Oromo generation totally Oblivious, dumb blind to the nation’s official language while you A*ames are perfecting Amharic your people speaking Amharic better than the Amharas themselves is simply evil. I think it is about time, Oromiffa became the 2nd official language as in Canada both be mandatory for all high level studies in Ethiopia!!

Can’t you guys get it in your brick heads that there was Mengistu H Mariam for many years before you came along?? You didn’t take over after Feudal System. During Mengistu, all minorities were respected, their lands were given to them 100%, the feudal and other rich folks homes were repossessed given to the people, no name calling was allowed, no chauvinism was allowed. I remember from Zero class learning things at school like you can not call such such people Buda, Teyib, Kuli, Lemagn, Deha and a million other chauvinistic words were prohibited.

…As any intelligent nation on earth would do (MUST DO), Amharic aka the national language was compulsory as it should be right about now. A nation needs ONE or TWO Max national languages that all citizens are fluent at. TPLFs want to create their 1st century Axumite jungle.

Oromos were gallant fighters, extremely disciplined, civilized tribes, smart people who were so proud throughout history let alone losing their identity! Idiot. When yu talk about Feudals, you never mention the most EVIL, regressive, rebellion, stubborn, snobby Tigray Feudals who almost always refused any land or other reforms to favor the poor masses aka (Amhara Oromo peasants) the rest of you tiny flies weren’t even as oppressed? Don’t you ever read, didn’t you study history? Then again you were in your caves for a while so you think the sun came out after your bonny a$$ got outta cave! Smh.

Oromos were riding high among with all the South, West, Ethiopians when you came to power because Mengistu LOVED them!! Far from losing their language, (LAND)? Retard don’t you know nobody can own a land in TPLF’s Ethiopia? What land? What dignity? Hahaha! Do you know what dignity means? :)):))Idiots please!