Ethiopians Who Will Not Be Weeping Enough for Meles Zenawi To Get Punished: Thousands To Lose Their Jobs

Ethiopia’s dying rulers are going to punish those people who will not be crying and weeping enough at  the upcoming funeral ceremony to bury dictator  Meles Zenawi . Cobblestone workers, party members and government workers have been ordered to buy black uniforms and prepare placards that praise tyrant Meles Zenawi who recently succumbed to cancer at Brussels Hospital.

Reportedly,  those who will not weep and cry well enough and do not wear black cloths at the funeral will be punished and placed in jail.  The tyrants and their backer are also planning to erect a statue for Zenawi to show the genocider’s immortality. The blood sucking  tyrants have also stepped the propaganda campaign to praise the late dictator all over Ethiopia and the world.

Embassies across the globe have been ordered to collect signatures portraying and praising the late tyrant, Meles Zenawi.


The tyrant will be buried on Sept. 2, 2012.




Hysteria at the Death of Tyrant Meles Zenawi in Mekle, Ethiopia

Hysteria at Death of Tyrant Kim Jong-il, North Korea

Hysteria at Death of Tyrant Kim Jong-il, North Korea

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