Awramba Times Editorial

Our foreign friends are expressing their condolence via e-mail, Facebook and other mechanisms. However, we Ethiopians are denied to know the premier’s health status and his whereabouts.  As citizens of that country, we all are ashamed of our officials in Ethiopia.

Government spokesman Bereket Simon was quoted by The Reporter newspaper saying that opposition forces were trying to “create confusion” by talking about the prime minister’s health. The spokesman told the BBC today, “Meles Zenawi is in a good condition and recuperating,” dismissing reports that he is critically ill. As we have heard the same statement from Bereket and his deputy for the last 41 days,  they should stop their false testimony here and instead show us the guy himself, who is supposedly “in a good health condition.”

Seeing is believing so if Meles is really relaxing on vacation somewhere, we at least deserve to see a recent picture that shows him in good health. The Ethiopian people need some sort of confirmation to back up the government’s reports. For too long we have been told that he is doing just fine and he will get back to work soon but the fact is that he still hasn’t. Instead of keeping people in the dark and fueling constant speculation, why not end all the rumors once and for all? Otherwise, the chatter will not stop and people will continue to assume that something is wrong with our country’s ruler. Please, just provide the people more than just empty words and maybe then they will start believing.