Azeb Mesfin's Affair with Kinfe Gebremedhin / Melese Zenawi May not Be the Father

Melese Zenawi may not be the father of his eldest daughter and son. According to a  source, the real father of the two children could have been the late Kinfe Gebremedhin who had been on and off dating Azeb Mesfin (known as also Lemlem/ Aster)  until he was removed/killed  by TPLF (Tigrai Peoples Liberation Front).Beyonce Knowles

The wife of the Ethiopian dictator, Azeb Mesfin is a known corrupt multi billionaire and an owner of the TPLF owned parliament and many businesses.

At present Azeb’s daughter and her son, just like most of children of the TPLF thugs, attend  a college in the United States of America  at the expense of dying and starving children in Ethiopia. The tutor Samuel Aseffa, often called the  drunk Ambassador, used to be the part time teacher for both kids before Azeb gave him a promotion to represent TPLF in Washington.


Samuel Aseffa ( TPLF Ambassador) and Endiras Eshetae ( stroke bitten professor for TPLF) do also share a wife.