Prison Fire in Harar – Ethiopia

Abbay Media News
Yassin Ibrahim

On Tuesday December 5, 2017, fire broke out inside the prison in the historical town of Harar setting ablaze the living quarters of the prison mates. The fire and the immediate panic was the cause of clash between prisoners running for safety and prison guards resisting escape from the compound.

Reports indicate that prisoners have sustained burn injuries and at least 40 prisoners have been sent to Hospital. Prisoners suffering from serious burns were arriving at Hiwot Fana and Jegol hospitals. Fire trucks were also on the scene to control the fire.

The clash between prisoners and armed prison guards started when the guards denied the prisoner’s’ request to leave the compound before the fire spreads.

Soldiers from the Defense Forces who were called for Support used excessive power to block prisoners from getting out of the burning prison quarters. Preliminary reports suggest fatalities of at least one prisoner as a result of the clash.

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