Ethiopia: Federation Gets Support From Japan –

The Ethiopian Badminton Federation (EBF) has received materials from the Japanese Badminton Federation.

The EBF said that the national federation covers its financial need through the support of international organizations like the Japanese Badminton Federation. “The budget allocated for national federation is not sufficient to undertake the local training and national competitions. To cover the difference international support is important. This is what was done by the Japanese Federation,” EBF said.

Looking for international support is not the exception for the EBF. According to the EBF seeking support and sponsorship is common by almost all federations.

As part of this effort over the last weekend, the Ethiopian Badminton Federation has received support from Japan Badminton Federation. The support was given at the Ethiopian Youth Sports Academy. Among the materials donated are 49 rackets and close to 800 shuttles.

During the programme, Ethiopian Badminton Federation President Gebreyesus Ayele admired the initiative taken by the Japanese federation to support the Ethiopian Badminton Federation in its effort to expand badminton across the country. He added, “The support given by Japan will help expand badminton sport across the country.”

Japan has also assigned one permanent expert to support the sport after a continuous contacts made among the Ethiopian Badminton Federation, JICA and Japan Badminton Federation.

Deputy Ambassador of Japanese Embassy to Ethiopia Mr. Konji Yokota said that among the various supports that Japan offers to Ethiopia, sport is one of the sectors. Support to Badminton is one of this.

The support is aimed at building Ethiopia’s capacity to prepare for the next Olympic game which will be staged in Japan, EBF said. The deputy Ambassador said, “This will be instrumental for Ethiopia to be the best contender in the 2020 Japan Olympic.”

According to the federation, these materials will be distributed to all states and the two city administrations.

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