Ethiopia’s Annual Fragility and Instability Worsened: Peace Index Report Finds


Ethiopia has been ranked 15th unstable country in the world out of 178 countries in a new 2017 global peace Index. South Sudan stood number 1 as the most unstable and Finland was ranked 178th, being the most stable and non-fragile state.

This year, Mexico and Ethiopia worsened the most in the Index, according to The Fund for Peace in a study of 178 countries across the globe.Ethiopia is ranked within the “High Alert” countries. In Ethiopia, the Index suggested increasing instability is tied to anti-government protests and a state of emergency used to crackdown on opponents.

The reported stated ” Ethiopia’s overall Fragile States Index (FSI) score has been incrementally worsening over the past decade, moving from 95.3 in 2007, to a score of 101.1 in this year’s 2017 index, with Ethiopia — along with Mexico — being the most worsened country over the past year.”

The nonpartisan, nonprofit organization looks at 12 economic, social, and political indicators each year to create the Fragile States Index, giving nations a rating from “sustainable” to “alert” based on their risk of instability.