• Alem

    Just so we know “independence” for Tigray region will never happen. It is a strategy to deflect Tplf’s atrocities. It is unfortunate that the rest of us repeat this lie without giving it much thought. Remember the way Eritrea went and later splintered into little clans. Tigray is only “one” so long as it sets itself against the rest of Ethiopia. Leave it to itself and you will discover three sects: one that has its lineage in Eritrea; Mekelle v. Adwa group; and one with ties to the Motherland. Moreover consider the fact that the region is not resource rich. Don’t be silly; so-called independence will not happen. Repeat that to those dreaming “independence” for Oromiya. In the case of Oromiya, the reality no one is talking about is that tens of millions relatively educated are products of intermarriages.