Ruling party in Ethiopia detects chain of corrupt officials in its regime Featured – New Business Ethiopia

“Corrupt officials are in a kind of organized and chained benefit sharing mechanisms established across the public bureaucracy command chain,” Walta Information Center, the government affiliated media reported quoting a group of participants in the congress. “Attendants of the congress were divided in to seven separate groups to discuss the report at Mekelle Martyr’s Hall.  According to members of the first group of the congress, EPRDF has been unable to attain the desired level in responding to woes of the public related to good governance and fighting rent seeking tendencies in the past years,” it said.

“Members of the group complained that an official sacked for its rent seeking behaviour in one part of the country is re-assigned in other part of the country.  They said that corrupt officials are in a kind of organized and chained benefit sharing mechanisms established across the public bureaucracy command chain,” Walta, which used to be known as government media now a private share company, reported.

The party is holding its general assembly this weekend behind closed doors in Mekele city of Tigray Region in the Northern Ethiopia.

“The participants in this particular group have underscored the fact that the general public has been suffering from such an organized group malpractice. They said that though EPRDF has publicly acknowledged rent seeking is a decaying threat to the party system, it has not yet taken a practical action to solve the danger it has been facing,” Walta reported.

Those media outlets in the country, which are selected to travel to Mekele and report are allowed only to cover the opening and closing of the congress.
Speculators believe that such self-assessment report from the party may lead to filling charges and arrest of those corrupt officials like the country did in May 2013 against the former Ethiopian Customs and Revenue Authority Director and dozens of major businesses in the country.

Reports by the international agencies, such as Transparency International have been indicating presence of less corruption in Ethiopia compared to other African countries.

On the contrary, others such as Global Integrity, some opposition and foreign based Ethiopian diaspora media have been reporting about the spread of ethnic-based corruption and ruling party-affiliated individuals’ engagement in systematic embezzlement, which is leading to the emergence of millionaire individuals of nowhere.
EPRDF, which is won all the parliament seats in the last May general election by 100%, has been on power for close to quarter of a century after overthrowing the Marxist Derg regime in 1991 through arm struggle.

Will  the party take concrete measure sooner or keeps the corrupt officials in the system as long as they obey to sustain the system at any cost, is yet to seen. The 180 member individuals congress general assembly is expected to be concluded this afternoon.