UDJ-AEUP Merger Stalled, Political Opposition Figures Retire – The Reporter

In August, the highly anticipated merger between the All Ethiopia Unity Party (AEUP) and Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) was halted due to a quorum related issue after the parties signed a pre-merger agreement on June 8 at AEUP’s headquarters around Tewodros Square.

The reason for the halt of the merger was that documents submitted by the two parties had issues with it.

The major problem was with AEUP because the bylaws of the party say that the general assembly consists of 600 members and the quorum is 50 + 1; however, the general assembly that took place a year ago does not fulfill this standard of the party, at 285.

However, the President of the AEUP was accusing the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) by citing that the number of members his party submitted to the board was 390.

Another major incident that occurred in the opposition political realm was the retirement of two prominent opposition figures. Negasso Gidada (PhD), the longstanding politician and former president of both Ethiopia and the Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ), officially resigned from party politics.

Among the major reasons cited was his health condition, age and the changes that occurred in the UDJ after joining the Medrek coalition, made up of six political parties.

Another opposition political party figure that resigned from party politics was Mushe Semu, former president of the liberal Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP). His major reason for his resignation was that he needed rest and wanted to give more time to his family.