Addis Ababa City administration gives green light for anti-gay demo – (blog)

Assta B. Gettu

The peaceful and noble march of thousands of Ethiopian citizens on the streets of Addis Ababa, disapproving the improper behaviors of homosexuals, is a sign of deep reverence to the teaching of Judeo-Christianity and to the law of nature.

By allowing such a meaningful demonstration to be carried out, on April 26, 2014, Ethiopia is sending a strong message to the morally and culturally decadent west that Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transsexuals have no place in Ethiopia, whose responsibility for the ethos of her children is higher than the westerners’ to their citizens.

In some Muslim countries, such as in Iran and Pakistan, homosexuality is punishable by death; however, in the Christian land of Ethiopia, gays, lesbians, and their likes are not executed for their unusual life styles but severely condemned if they openly exhibit their immoral behaviors in public. So far, I have never seen any homosexual Ethiopian man coming out and declaring he is a homosexual and wants to marry or given in marriage to another man, and the same is true with an Ethiopian lesbian woman.

I am glad the Ethiopian government has become the moral guardian of its citizens, knowing that immorality, such as sexual perversity or paraphilia destroys the fundamental value of marriage between a man and a woman. Every Ethiopian citizen has a responsibility to protect the very poor and, especially, the minors who are, by far, the most susceptible and pitiful human beings who can easily be the victims of sexual predators.

When the Italians left Ethiopia, they left us with good roads, hospitals, and schools, but they left something bad, something destructive and very harmful, i.e. syphilis! But I have no clue who brought homosexuality to our Christian country; it might be the result of globalization, or it might have been there for centuries without being discussed publicly. Syphilis can be healed using modern medicine; nevertheless, there is no cure for homosexuality: it is a learned or innate behavior. On the other hand, if it is a learned behavior, it can be reversed through counseling and other means.

I commend the Ethiopian Christian government for allowing the citizens of Addis Ababa to come out and demonstrate against those people who are spreading their unacceptable sexual life styles among the poor and the minor Ethiopian citizens.