The Link between Ethno-Centric Minority Rule and Corruption; The Case Of Ethiopia

By Seid Hassan

“Enough is enough- from now on we will not allow you to continue shamelessly sucking the poor Ethiopian peoples’ blood using your mafia-type of corruption.”

What else would not motivate you other than the scourge that has subjected the country to shame, such as the gold scam? What else would not make you angry other than the recent Tendaho Sugar Factory Project scandals, where Ethiopia was dragged to the Bombay High Court over unlawful awards of a contract to some TPLF cronies, worth $184.00? What else would not anger you more than the selling of both our land our children to foreigners? … What else would not motivate you to do your part if the callousness and meanness theatre that was done at the Sheraton Hotel did not?  To read the entire article Click here!